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A judgment that exceeds an insurers initial claim settlement offer by a narrower margin would result in neither side receiving attorneys fees or, if the margin is narrow enough, the insurer being entitled to attorneys fees. Insurers and their supporters mostly spoke in support of the bill, while contractors and trial attorneys mostly opposed it. The bill goes a long way toward mitigating a cost driver for Florida insurers, said David Altmaier, the state insurance commissioner. But Rep. Joesph Geller, D-Dania Beach, unsuccessfully tried to strip the proposed fee formula from the bill, warning it was untested and unvetted and likely to be challenged in court. Insurers and their supporters say theyve been hit with escalating costs from South Florida attorneys who have figured out how to exploit a longtime consumer-protection law that shields policyholders from paying insurers legal Insurance Adjusters Reflection fees if they sue over a claim and lose. The insurers say a dozen South Florida law firms discovered that the same law shields contractors from the risk of paying insurers attorney fees if they have been assigned by policyholders to pursue benefits of their claims. As a result, insurers say, attorneys started filing hundreds of lawsuits to coerce insurers into settling so the attorneys could collect so-called one-way attorneys fees. Lawsuits stemming from assignments increased from 400 in 2006 to more than 28,000 last year, while water claims increased 42 percent between 2010 and 2015. Attorneys counter that lawsuits would not be necessary if insurers paid claims fairly and quickly. Contractors complain that insurers routinely delay the claims-adjustment process by showing up late to inspect damages, refusing to communicate with contractors working under assignments, and ignoring invoices for services performed to established industry standards.

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We are pleased to bring our offering to Guidewire ClaimCenter customers, enabling them to replace checks with multiple electronic payment options, said Krishna Pai, CEO, InsurPay, a division of Invenger Technologies Inc. We are focused on serving the insurance industry, and this singular focus allows us to best help insurers elevate customer experience, improve internal workflow efficiencies, and save costs. InsurPays Ready for Guidewire accelerator supports insurers by enabling the following benefits: Gives insurers the ability to pay anyoneinsureds, claimants, vendors, and lienholderswith one solution for either a single payee or multiple payees; Provides a choice of payment methods letting insurers customers decide how to receive payments, which in turn improves the adoption rate for electronic payments; and Adjusters can use the InsurPay solution on any device anywhere. We are pleased to welcome InsurPay to the Guidewire PartnerConnect program as a Solution partner. This alliance will make it simpler and faster for our mutual customers to integrate ClaimCenter with InsurPays comprehensive payments platform, said Neil Betteridge, vice president, Strategy, Guidewire Software. We respect InsurPays dedication to delivering the payment software that P&C insurers need in a changing industry and their commitment to helping them reduce operational costs and enhance customer experience. About InsurPay Since its founding, InsurPay, the products division of Invenger Technologies Inc., has been committed to helping insurers replace checks in the field and embrace the emerging technologies that make electronic payments easier and more convenient than ever. In that time, InsurPay has developed partnerships with several national and regional insurers, providing them with an expanding set of payment options that increase flexibility, improve customer satisfaction, and drive innovation and efficiency through every step of the claims payment process. For more information, please visit: www.insurpay.com . About Guidewire PartnerConnect and Ready for Guidewire Guidewire PartnerConnect is a global network of select partner companies that provide consulting services and solutions to enhance, extend, and complement the capabilities of Guidewire products. Our worldwide partner community helps contribute to the success of our mutual customers in the P&C insurance industry by delivering Guidewire software implementations, value-add solution and technology offerings, and guidance on insurance industry best practices. Ready for Guidewire accelerators developed by PartnerConnect Solution members have been rigorously reviewed by Guidewire, adhere to Guidewire software design principles, and meet established criteria.

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